Clever Voyage Question – Dubai Airport

We have recently had a question regarding a stop over in Dubai Airport, Its a good question as there are many travel itineraries passing through Dubai now.


“Hey NNL, I have a looong 6-hour wait in Dubai on my way back to Oz in a few days. How can I get lounge access?
I’m flying Emirates and I’m pretty sure I bought my tickets using my ANZ AMEX card. I also have 81,000 QANTAS FF points.
Will any of that help me? It’s hard to find the right answers online so I thought I’d ask you being the guru and all! Thanks”


Here is a list of all lounges:
Dubai Airport Lounges
The following 2 you can pre-book:
ahlan-dia – This one is about $60
marhabaservices – This one also looks good.

I bet you could pay at the door to get into the Emirates lounge but make sure the lounge you select is in the same terminal as your second flight.

Why don’t you go to the shopping mall in Dubai or the water park at Atlantis resort instead?

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