Clever Voyage Question – Mobile Wi-Fi in Japan

Travelling to Japan and don’t speak the language?

Mobile Wi-Fi in Japan will give you access to the internet everywhere and also allows multiple devices to connect easily.  We recently had the following question regarding travel in Japan and found a cheap solution on our recent trip.

“I need a way to check Google maps when travelling around Japan along with checking emails and keeping up to date on social media. Ideas?”

We recommend you hire a device which provides mobile Wi-Fi in Japan like we did on a recent trip.  Generally, roaming on your mobile phone when travelling overseas can be really expensive and until recently, foreigners weren’t allowed to buy prepaid sim cards. These local prepaid plans are also very limiting and come with very little data.

On our last trip we used and got the 75MBPS ULTRA SPEED device and it was amazing! I just kept it in my backpack when travelling around and everyone in my travelling party was able to connect their smart phones and tables for the device.

You can get the mobile Wi-Fi device posted to your hotel or even to the post office at the airport (like we did) and have it ready as soon as you land.  See Pick Up Returns page for more information.  At the end of your trip, you return it buy putting the device into any post box, even at the airport when you leave.

Internet speeds were amazing and much faster than my home internet in Australia.  The best part was, the price starts at about 4350 Yen for a week ($36USD) as of February 2018.

Other Options For Mobile Wi-Fi in Japan:

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