Carry-on luggage travel hacks

Carry-on luggage travel hacks can save you time, space and even money.

Pashmina Power

Ladies, take note! A travelling with a pashmina is one of the best carry on luggage hacks going around because it is so versatile and lightweight. Best of all they are cheap and come in all the colours of the rainbow.  

  • Use it as a blanket or a neck rest/pillow on the plane
  • A head cover if you’re hot, a shawl if you’re cold, or are in a conservative place. Visiting some places of worship around the world requires women to have their shoulders or sometimes their heads covered.
  • Added padding to wrap around your camera for extra protection
  • To dress up an evening outfit easily
  • I have even used mine as a towel when in a pinch!
    Carry-on luggage travel hacks - Pashmina Power

Stop the stink!

Put a small bar of complimentary hotel soap into your dirty laundry bag and it will keep your suitcase from smelling for the rest of your travels because who wants to wash clothes while on holiday?Carry-on luggage travel hacks - Stop The Stink

Tame the tech cords

Store your phone charger, headphones, spare batteries in an old sunglass case. These items have a habit of falling to the bottom of your carry on or worst still falling out of your bag, being hard to find and becoming tangled. Problem solved!
Carry-on luggage travel hacks- Tame The Tech

As fresh as a daisy

Bring a couple of pairs of underwear in your carry-on in case your luggage ends up lost on long haul and interconnecting flights. A fresh pair of underwear, a freshly washed face and brushed teeth can do wonders for your mood if your luggage happens to goes astray!
Carry-on luggage travel hacks - Underwear

Tell us what your best Carry-on luggage travel hacks are and we will add to this list crediting your genius of course!!

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