Camper Van or RV Relocation

Camper Van or RV

Camper Van or RV relocation can be the cheapest form of travel.  Getting places doesn’t need to be expensive, if you are flexible with times and locations you can travel for next to nothing.  Many Camper Van or RV companies will often have stock located in the wrong city and require it else where.  Many have turned to systems which rely on the public to move it for them and entice you to do so by heavily discounting the daily rate, and in some cases actually give you money to cover the cost of fuel or expenses.

There are some catches, most of the time the relocation will need to be done in a certain period of time.  This is because the camper van or RV needs to be in a certain location ready for the next customer.  This can some times limit the time you have to see everything you would like too and this will need to be weighed up when looking at this as a travel option.  However the fact that this mode of travel includes not only transportation for two or more people the true value is the fact that its also accommodation.  The accommodation factor is going to be smaller then a full size room or apartment but so is the price, the camper van or RV may also be a little chilly if used as a base for your skiing holiday.  But the majority have heaters too ensure its still very comfortable.

Some camper van or RVs can accommodate up to 6 people and if you are traveling with fewer then these can offer a greater level of comfort and space.

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