Santorini, Greece – City Guide


IATA Airport Code: JTR

Population: 15,550 (2011)

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Coordinates: 37°47′N 122°25′W

Santorini Sites

One of the most recognizable and photographed destinations in the world Santorini deserves to be on most peoples bucket list.  Part of the beautiful Greek islands making it a top destination for cruisers and newly weds.   Been a very small island the place will be crowded on cruise days but you will still be able to take it all in.  If you happen to arrive on a cruise or at the same time.  We suggest you go the opposite direction to the norm and catch the ferry to the other side instead of taking the gondola up the mountain.  Instead explore the island in reverse and use the gondola to come down the hill.  Although it will still be busy you will be able to take more in.

Walking the streets of Oia – from the path side cafes, street sellers, wandering donkeys and friendly local dogs to the beautiful blue-topped churches, boutiques and stunning views of the Aegean Ocean and sheer cliff faces it’s easy to spend the day exploring, people watching and eating.  Truly a picture perfect location. Bliss!

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